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After a 3-week trial in federal court in Kansas City, on June 23, 2017 a federal jury returned a verdict awarding $217 million dollars in damages to a group of 7,000 Kansas farmers who are part of the Syngenta litigation, in the case of Five Star Farms et al v. Syngenta AG et al, No. 2:14-CV-02571. Those farmers alleged the price of their corn plummeted after China began refusing shipments of U.S. corn in 2013, after Syngenta sold genetically modified corn seed to the U.S. market that led to a genetic trait not approved in China. This Kansas jury trial outcome is encouraging

The Kansas verdict great news to our more than 3,500 Indiana, Michigan, and Illinois clients who have been similarly damaged. This verdict is highly favorable in terms of establishing liability and sending a clear message to Syngenta’s legal team.  Moreover, the first individual case set for trial in Minnesota state court, Daniel Mensik v. Syngenta, resulted in a confidential settlement just before trial was set to begin. The next case set for trial will start in Minnesota state court on September 11 with verdict anticipated around October 6.  We will report back to you with the results.  Stay Tuned!


Many growers have stayed on the sidelines, worried that the Syngenta case would not pan out or would be a waste of time.  As the recent Syngenta verdict and settlement have shown, that is most certainly not the case!  This is a strong case and court-ordered settlement discussions have already begun.  The best news for Indiana farmers is that IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO FILE YOUR CLAIM! Indiana is one of the few states where the window to file your individual claim is still open.  This is because the federal judge in Kansas has not yet certified a class action in Indiana, a ruling which will cut off the time to make an individual claim.  Sign up now and participate in the settlement of your individual claim before its too late. ALL Indiana Corn Growers are Eligible, EVEN Farmers who did not use Syngenta seed.


There is a little homework to do before you can be eligible to participate in the anticipated settlement of your individual Syngenta claim. Before we can proceed with filing your claim against Syngenta, we will need the following information to process your claim: a signed one page contract which includes each grower’s contact information (name, address, phone number and email address), the name and location of the farm, and an estimate of the number of corn acres planted in years 2013-2016. Farmers will also need to fill out a “Plaintiff Fact Sheet” which provides basic information to Syngenta and provide certain court-ordered documentation concerning the quantity of corn bushels produced in 2011-2016.  This documentation includes crop insurance applications, grain elevator summary sheets and FSA form 578’s. Lastly, each grower will need to sign an “Opt Out” form indicating that you want to file an individual claim as opposed to being part of any class action. Although this homework may take several hours to collect, the effort will be well worth it.  Take care of this now before harvest begins! Call us today and we can help you with the process.


Indiana corn growers have sustained massive losses as a result of the market-wide devaluation in corn prices due to a genetically engineered corn seed sold by Swiss-based company Syngenta, a world-leading agricultural business and company valued at $40 billion dollars. Syngenta released the genetically engineered corn trait, MIR162, into the U.S. market as early as 2009, and thereafter aggressively marketed and commercialized its use in the U.S. without prior import approval from foreign markets.

China, one of the world’s largest corn importers, rejected all corn shipments from the U.S. in late 2013 through 2014, due to its inability to segregate Syngenta corn from non-Syngenta corn, causing the U.S. corn industry to sustain billions of dollars in losses.

Syngenta prematurely marketed and introduced its Viptera seed to the U.S. market without securing approval from China. In April 2012, Syngenta’s CEO stated, “There is an outstanding approval for China, which we expect to have, quite frankly, within the matter of a couple of days.” However, import approval was not ultimately granted until December 2014. Syngenta’s rush to sell its seed before approval cost America’s corn farmers billions of dollars. You did NOT have to buy or plant the Syngenta seed to have a meritorious lawsuit. You need only to have farmed corn in 2013 or 2014. Call us for a free consultation or to learn more about upcoming town hall meeting dates, times and locations.

Three Points to Remember:

  1. You are eligible even if you didn’t grow Syngenta seed – Because of Syngenta’s bad marketing tactics, China stopped purchasing corn from U.S. growers. As a result, this caused a massive oversupply of corn in the U.S. and resulted in an extreme price drop per bushel.
  2. You won’t lose a cent – We don’t collect any money from you upfront, and our attorneys only receive payment when we collect damages for you. You will have zero out-of-pocket expenses if you choose to participate in this case.
  3. It’s worth it for you to participate – Even low estimates are showing that American farmers lost anywhere between .11-.50 cents per bushel, and that the loss may have continued over the course of several growing seasons. The Kansas federal jury awarded damages for five growing seasons!  It costs you nothing to participate, but you won’t recover the damages you are owed if you don’t sign up in advance. Even if you didn’t grow a Syngenta product, you may have suffered losses because of the oversupply and the drop in bushel price.