Is it possible to have a claim against Syngenta if I did not use Syngenta corn seed?

Yes. Although estimates indicate the Syngenta GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) corn seed accounted for only 3% of our nation’s crop in late 2013 through 2014, its introduction into the U.S. corn market caused a market-wide devaluation causing substantial financial losses to all Indiana corn farmers.

Who is able to file a claim against Syngenta?

Any party who has suffered a financial loss as a result of Syngenta’s premature marketing and commercialization of the Syngenta seed is able to file a claim, including independent farmers, large farms, landowners, corn distributors, exporters, transporters, and other workers in the corn industry.

How much money could I potentially recover in the Syngenta corn litigation?

Experts have estimated that the reduction in the price of corn attributable to Syngenta’s actions ranges anywhere from $0.11 to $1.10 per bushel, which multiplied by the number of bushels you produced in 2013-2015, will give you a rough estimate of your damages.

(Please note: this is an estimate only and should not be construed as legal advice, a legal opinion, or an evaluation as to the merits, value or potential outcome of your claim.)

What do I have to do to submit a claim?

You only need to execute a “Contract of Employment,” fill out a short questionnaire with information about your farming operations, and execute an “Authorization for Release of Information” so that our office can obtain records relevant to your claim.

We anticipate Syngenta will request certain information concerning your claim, which we are having our clients obtain ahead of time to efficiently prosecute their claims, including:

  • Crop Insurance Report/Crop Production Summary (2011-2014) that can be obtained from your insurance provider and that will provide an accurate depiction of your crop bushel production;
  • Grain Elevator Summary Reports/Grain Elevator Receipts (2011-2014) that will document how many corn bushels you sold and what you were paid; and
  • FSA Form 578 (2011-2014) that can be obtained at your local Farm Service Agency office and that will provide an accurate depiction of your crop acreage reported.

How much time will I have to spend in submitting a claim?

We anticipate you will have to spend minimal time in submitting a claim, in addition to the time spent providing our office with the information requested above (i.e., the documents needed by our office to submit a claim).

How much does it cost to review my case?

We offer free consultations. You do not have to pay anything to have your case reviewed.

How much does it cost to handle my case?

You will only be responsible for attorney’s fees if there’s a recovery in your case. If there’s no recovery in your case, you will owe no attorney’s fees or expenses.

How will I receive updates about my case?

All clients will be receiving a quarterly newsletter with the latest information on the litigation. Any client-specific questions can also be answered by contacting our firm 24/7.

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